Monday, April 10, 2006


Mother's Day t-shirt special


ragazzahelena said...

just lovely hahaha!! great

very nice darling!


H e l e n a

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

that would be cool as a hood ornament

trakrunnr said...

zoom zoom! speedy dog t-shirts and mouse pads, coming to a store near you! hahaha

John Zinzi said...

FW - I find your work bright, sharp, clever, insightful and delightfully varied. One can learn the craft, I suppose, but one must possess the art--and you do. Yours is an amazing talent and gift! I am particularly fond of "Broken...mirror..." and "Insect," but the body of your work shows how you like to stretch and climb and play with your abilities. Don't stop! Lucky are your students.

somebody said...